Hear from some of our brand ambassadors & people who enjoyed our service.

Mark Coles | Transformation Specialist & Owner of M10 Fitness

"Having my meals prepared for me each week, has made a huge difference to my life in general. I no longer have to stay up later, or wake up early to make my meals."

Louise Rumball | Lawyer, Fitness Junkie & Co-founder 1MPACT

"An efficient and personable team, quick delivery and delicious food - I can't remember the last time I used another food company."

Abby Pell | Nutritionist & Coach, MyProtein Ambassador, WBFF PRO & Fitness Model

"YOLO meals are a god send, the chefs have done all the hard work for me... Constantly coming up with new meal options that make healthy eating enjoyable and sustainable."

Kirk Miller | Personal Trainer, Online Transformation Specialist, Fitness Cover model, Myprotein Ambassador & Better Bodies Athlete

"To combine all the various nutrients required, with such meal variety and taste is a testament to the quality of service they provide."

Frazer Clarke | Superheavyweight Boxer Team GB

"Over the last year I have been eating YOLO and the results have been amazing. YOLO’s delicious healthy food is helping me in securing a medal for Great Britain!"

Lydia Rees USN Athlete, Published Fitness Model & Transformation Coach

"Being a mum of 1 who balances her life with her little boy, fitness and helping others reach their goals – YOLO is a god send."

Christopher Bailey | International Fitness Photographer

"It only takes a moment to evaluate your career and lifestyle and decide your time is more valuable than cost of this first class service."

Haider Mehdi | Physique competitor, fitness model, personal trainer

"My clients who often used to fail at the hurdle of sticking to a set meal plan because its mundane, repetitive, flavourless, no longer have that problem with these delicious ready meals’"

Matthew Peck | CEO & Co-Founder of Unified Retail Group

"YOLO have literally transformed my life. Their meals are of the highest quality, every time and are extremely great value."

Adam Pugh | Found of Caveman Training, Bioprint Practitioner & Personal Trainer

"Since eating the YOLO meals my staff, cave members and myself have found it a lot easier to maintain and achieve a healthier lifestyle at a little cost and great service."

Zac Fotheringham | BSN athlete & transformation Specialist

"YOLO to me is a game changer. I’m a big advocate of making sure the fuel we get is from wholesome foods, without this performance and health is compromised."

Alison Booker | Personal Trainer, Team GB (Gpc) Powerlifting & European and British Bench Press Record Holder

"The main factors for my love of YOLO are - fueling my performance, aesthetic and health goals. The meals are delicious, well balanced and highly convenient."

Lee Constantinou | Body Transformation Coach & WBFF Pro & Bodybuilding.com Athlete

"Their delivery service to London is on point and extremely reliable. I can’t recommend Yolo Food Company highly enough."

Nick Newton | Personal Trainer and Owner of Nick's Gym

"YOLO Meals are great for keeping my diet on point, they have an awesome range of meals with fantastic recipes, and they are delicious!"

Bart Andrzejczak | AMG Specialist at Mercedes Benz & Fitness Fanatic

"When YOLO was introduced into my life, just WOW!!! Taste! Looks! Freshness! Variety! Customer Service! YOLO has it all!"